Almost 1000 FBGs in our stock!!!

16.1.2018 – You can choose  almost 1000 different FBGs which we’ve prepared for you. You can buy it from 1 pieces for a discounted price 40 €.
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PF 2018

15.12.2017 – Merry christmas and happy new year 2018!


FBGs in stock

4.12.2017 – Besides the custom production of FBGs we also offer the FBGs in stock for a discounted price 40 € / 1 piece.
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Interrogation unit for up to 640 FBG and FP sensor

27.10.2016 – The interrogation modular system allows the evaluation of large number of FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) or FP (Fabry-Perot) optical sensors. For more information check our updated datasheet.
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New tunable optical filter available

21.10.2016 – New tunable optical filter for manual adjustment of the central wavelength was introduced on the market with unbeatable price! For more information check our updated datasheet.
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Low-cost interrogation unit for FBG and FP sensors

19.10.2016 – Compact interrogation unit for measuremnt, evaluation and logging of the static or slow events detected by FBG or FP sensors. For more information check our new  datasheet.
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Upgraded FBG production

19.9.2016 – We have upgraded our FBG production. Now we are able to write Bragg gratings structures in the range of wavelengths from 1520 nm up to 1605 nm. Check our new datasheet.
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We expand our research activities

7.9.2016 – Within the project FEMLAB: RESEARCH CENTRUM WITH FEMTOSECOND LASER NETWORK GROUP, s.r.o. the new center for micromachining, inspection and testing of sensor structures using Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics will be established.
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The new interrogation unit for FBG sensors coming soon!

14.6.2016 – Compact measuring platform with a unique hardware solution. The unit is designed for evaluation of the static and slow events.
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Custom manufacturing of FBG gratings

27.5.2016 – NETWORK GROUP is the OEM manufacturer of the Fiber Bragg Gratings and the Fabry-Perot resonators. These components can be used in the sensing systems and for other areas where the filtering of the optical signal is necessary.
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Tunable fiber optic FBG filter

30.4.2016 – Manually tunable optical filter with tuning range of 20 nm and unmatched price on the market.
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