Interrogation unit for static/slow events

  • Compact measurement platform with unique hardware solution
  • Evaluation and logging of the static or slow events
  • Suitable for FBG and FP sensors
  • High accuracy, stability and reliability
  • Data logging with time stamps
  • Real-time measurement and parallel data logging mode
  • Robust aluminum case
  • Significantly lower cost in comparison with competitive devices


  • Measurement range 7 nm (C-band)
  • Acquision period 3.5 s
  • 4 physical channels, maximum 4 sensors/channel
  • Resolution 0.1 pm
  • Absolute accuracy ± 1 pm
  • Interface – Ethernet, USB, I2C, UART, CAN
  • Dimensions 230x115x80 mm
  • Real-time data through Ethernet (TCP/IP server)
  • Accessing data via FTP and Ethernet
  • User configuration interface for the customization of sensors
  • Software interface customizable for specific applications

Unit price: 3900  €



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