Fiber Bragg Gratings and resonators

06_vlaknovemrizky01Fiber Bragg Gratings are formed by diffractive structure written by UV laser inside the optical fiber. This structure is comprised of a permanent periodic change of the refractive index inside the fiber core. FBG works as an optical frequency filter – the spectral components of light entering the grating that correspond to the proposed parameters are reflected back, the remaining part of thimg_0357e light is transmitted. The reflection wavelength is called “Bragg’s” resonant wavelength and is given by the grating’s period and by the material properties of optical fiber.

Our company is the prime producer of FBGs and FP resonators, which are mainly used in the sensing systems as well as in other areas where the filtering of the optical signal is required, e.g. in telecommunications.

We are using the lateral exposure method of the optical fiber by the excimer KrF laser trough a phase mask for the producing 06_vlaknovemrizky02of Bragg gratings. We are able to write Bragg gratings structures into the many types of optical fibers (including standard telecommunications), due to the possibility of increasing photosensitivity in the optical fiber. Besides the standard types of FBGs, we also offer cooperation in the production of customized FBGs.

Typical parametres of our FBGs (PDF)

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