About company

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NETWORK GROUP, s.r.o. was founded in 1995 as a company focused on the distribution of metallic and fiber optic cabling systems. In the year 2000, company expanded its activities to the PCB assembly processes. In 2010, complementing its business and manufacturing activities, the company established a R&D department focused to the research and development of special fiber optic components. Several R&D projects were opened for the development of the advanced industrial fiber sensing elements and interrogators.

The most important part of the technological department in NETWORK GROUP is the processing unit for the fabrication of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), which are mainly used in sensing systems, but also in some other areas where the optical signal filtering is needed, for example in the field of telecommunication.

FBG writing process implemented in NETWORK GROUP is based on the phase mask exposition by the pulsed excimer KrF laser. Parameters of the manufactured FBGs are monitored in real time to guarantee high precision of the required parameters and high repeatability of the production.

NETWORK GROUP has specialized on design, development and production of optical sensors. With the team of specialists and know-how of its own R&D department, its own production division and the unique technological equipment, NETWORK GROUP can offer various types of cooperation and services from the custom design and fabrication of the optical sensors and their optical and opto-mechanical assemblies up to full design and manufacturing of customized interrogation units for optical sensing.

Our Projects

  • WIM (weigh-in-motion) sensor for weighing moving vehicles in road transport
  • System for measuring micro changes of the reactor containment at the nuclear power plant, Long-range calibration of the sensors and interrogator for the Temelin (CZ) nuclear power plant
  • Fiber-optic sensors for measurement in nuclear power plants at over-project accidents
  • Intelligent technical textiles for critical infrastructure security
  • Temperature measurement in a vacuum plasma chamber
  • LTCC casing based sensors
  • Fiber based sensors for measurement of Temperature, strain, displacement, Mechanical Deformation etc.
  • Interrogation units for FBG / Fabry-Pérot based sensors