Specialized measurement of polarization

The system for advanced measurement of polarization in optical fibers

Our company offers the specialized measuring of polarization properties for active and passive fiber-optic components. We have accurate polarization analyzer Agilent N7781B along with synthesizer Agilent N7786B. These devices are able to measure and analyze a variety of polarization parameters such as the State Of Polarization – SOP, Polarization Extension Ratio – PER, Degree Of Polarization- DOP etc.

Polarization analyzer Agilent N7781B

10_spec_mereni01The Agilent N7781B allows the measurement of polarization with advanced visualization on the Poincare sphere. It also measures the degree of polarization (DOP), Stokes vectors and detected power, which graphically shows in the real time. Another function is the measurement of Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER), e.g. in the polarization maintaining fibers (PMF), optical connectors, splices etc.

Key features:

  • wavelength range 1260 to 1640 nm
  • Input power -50 dBm to +7 dBm
  • Sampling frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Measurement accuracy SOP – 1.5 ° at Poincare sphere
  • Measurement accuracy DOP – 2 %
  • External triggering, triggering according to the SOP
  • Export of measured data into formats *.CSV, *.MAT, *.ASC, *.HTM, *.RTF.
  • Data logging and creating reports

Polarization synthesizer Agilent N7786B


The synthesizer combines the functions of the polarization analyzer Agilent N7781B along with dynamic polarization controller which uses LiNb03 modulators. This device provides many other functions related to the control of polarization. The synthesizer can be used as a manual polarization controller, polarization scrambler and polarization stabilizer.


  • Manual settings of polarization by 5 wave plates (φ0 – φ4) with the total rotation of 4φ.
  • Random polarization scrambling with sequence changes of randomly changing angles φ0 – φ4 (all wave plates).
  • Defined sequence scrambling of polarization based on the input parameters.
  • Continuous polarization scrambling – the change of the polarization state and angle, similar to the mechanical motorized polarization controller.
  • Polarization stabilization:
    • State and angle of polarization of the output signal stabilization, regardless of the state and angle of polarization of the input signal (dynamic polarization controller).
    • Possibility of setting and maintaining the desired state of polarization using the Stokes vectors and angles of wave plates (φ0 – φ4).
    • Possibility of different polarizations setting and their alternation with adjustable period.

Key features:

  • wavelength range 1260 to 1640 nm
  • Input power -38 dBm up to +19 dBm
  • SOP tracking speed 10 µs

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