FemtoLAB – Laser micromachining system

NETWORK GROUP has a unique technology (in Czech Republic) for laboratory micromachining: FemtoLAB – femtosecond laser micromachining system, which is the best solution for scientific laboratories. Equipped with high accuracy linear positioning stages, high performance laser and versatile micromachining software SCA, FemtoLAB becomes an entire laser laboratory on an optical table.

We can offer cooperation in laboratory micromachining of brittle, hard and poorly machinable materials.

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Fig. Refractive index modification of glass plate

 Applications [WoP]:

  • Surface micro and nano structuring.
  • Engraving.
  • Micro drilling.
  • Laser lithography and multiphoton polymerization (mPP).
  • Refractive index modification inside bulk of material.
  • Selective layer removal.
  • Selective ablation.
  • Dicing and cutting brittle materials.
  • Waveguide fabrication.
  • Micromachining of rotary symmetrical structures.
Laser micromachining system FemtoLAB features [WoP]:
  • Micromachining by 1st and 2nd harmonics of the laser.
  • High-speed precision micromachining.
  • High-end industrial grade femtosecond laser.
  • Fabrication of difficult objects with submicron resolution.
  • Minimal heat affected zone in femtosecond micromachining mode.
  • Nanometer accuracy object positioning.
  • Convenient change of laser parameters.
  • Original software interface for control of all integrated hardware devices.

More information: Datasheet FemtoLAB (pdf)

Source: http://wophotonics.com/