Passive wavelength reference / temperature controlled filter

Thermo FBG is a high-accurate optical filter based on temperature controlled Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG). Thanks to precise electronic control it could be also used as wavelength reference with absolute accuracy of ±1 pm. Central wavelength and other optical parameters are given by used FBG. You can choose the FBGs here.

NEW: We can also offer version with implemented 3-port or 4-port optical circulator for optical power up to 1000 mW.

Key features:

  • Fine tune and high accurate optical filter
  • Wavelength reference
  • Calibration of less accurate optical devices
  • High accuracy, stability and reliability
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Suitable for sensoric applications or telecommunication
Tunable range 400 pm
Central wavelength Depending on used FBG
Wavelength band  O, C or L
Tuning resolution  0,1 pm
Absolute accuracy  ± 1 pm
Optical power Max. 1000 mW
Optical connector LC/APC
Unit price  1200  € (without circulator)

Datasheet (PDF)

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