About company

The NETWORK GROUP as a distributor and manufacturing company founded R&D department in 2010. R&D department is specialized in design, development and manufacturing of the optical components, sensors and complete sensing systems.

The main part of our technical equipment is the custom made station for FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) manufacturing. Our own software with advanced features and possibility to simulate complex fiber diffraction structures is used for FBG design.

Vyvojové pracoviště - FBG a FPThe high power pulsed excimer laser and exposure through a phase mask is used for FBG writing. Parameters of written FBGs are controlled in the real time which guarantee high accuracy of the parameters and repeatability of manufacturing process. This method allows writing of the common FBGs as well as tilted FBGs (TFBG).

With the ability to increase photosensitivity of fibers, the company NETWORK GROUP is able to write the gratings not only in special fibers with a high content of Germanium, but in any fibers (including standard telecommunication).

PRacoviště - svařování optických vláken Besides the manufacturing of FBGs the NETWORK GROUP has a device for splicing of optical fibers up to diameter of 400 µm including polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers, equipment for recoating the bare fibers and devices for measurement of the signals in optical fibers (power, spectrum, polarization, etc.)